Infrarail 2018

Silver Fox Limited
United Kingdom

Stand E74

Company Profile

Silver Fox presents Fox-in-a-Box® thermal labelling solutions using one printer, one ribbon, one software for Fox-Flo® UV stable LS0H tie-on cable labels: regular and LS0H heat-shrink tubing; Legend™ non-shrink and 2-part wire-marking; Fox® Tie-on; Prolab® laser Wrap-around and Optical Fibre Flag labels; Endurance® Laser Engraved and Stainless Steel Labels StandE74

Product Categories

  • Engineering Tools and Equipment
  • Cables/Cable Accessories
  • Generating Equipment
  • Laser Systems/Equipment
  • Stock Control Systems
  • Signage
  • Construction Products
  • Plant & Equipment
  • Signage & Labelling

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