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Clever survey that leads the way in smart maintenance.

Fugro offers a safer, faster and more affordable way of delivering accurate, up-to-date rail infrastructure data. We can accelerate and de-risk your railway engineering projects by lowering the costs of rail maintenance whilst improving track safety.

Our unique RILA technology is a remote, flexible, train-mounted survey system that connects to a regular service train in under two minutes and surveys the tracks at line speed (i.e. up to 200 km/h). RILA measures absolute track position and geometry to engineering-accuracy simultaneously incorporating georeferenced video to record track assets and a laser scanner to capture an ultra-high-density 3D mesh of the surveyed corridor.

This information-rich dataset delivers a digital twin of the entire railway corridor and offers a clear health and safety benefit as no surveyors are required to be on or near the tracks during survey acquisition.

Infrarail Product Categories

  • Geotechnical Engineering Equipment/Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Track Maintenance Equipment, Materials and Services
  • Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Track Recording/Monitoring Systems
  • Asset Management

Contact Details

Blaeulaan 60A
3528 AD

Tel: +31 307 551 520

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