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Kwik-Step Ltd
United Kingdom

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Kwik-Step Modular Platforms & Stairways
The Kwik-Step system provides a versatile range of modules and options which can be combined to match the requirements of each site.
All components are designed for manual handling and installation with hand tools and they have all been design-checked for maximum loading in the worst permitted ground conditions.
Kwik-Step Platforms are made from lightweight FRP composites for quick and simple installation at the trackside.
The range includes a wide variety of sizes including refuges, lookout posts and walkways.
Kwik-Step Stairways are made from galvanized steel and designed for permanent installation on embankments and cuttings.
All components are supplied from stock and delivered as a complete palletised kit of parts for each site with a toolkit, assembly diagrams and instructions.
The Kwik-Step system provides safe and simple solutions for inspection, maintenance and works access with minimized possessions/plant requirements and radical savings in cost and time.

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  • Building/Civil Engineering/Construction Products/Services
  • Access Equipment

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Unit 5 Albion Dockside
Hanover Place

Tel: +44 (0)1179 291 400

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