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Railmetrics is a business division of Pavemetrics. Pavemetrics specializes in 3D vision systems for the automated inspection of transportation infrastructure. Our systems are used in more than 35 countries around the world to automatically inspect roads, runways, railways and tunnels.

Railmetrics’ Laser Rail Inspection System (LRAIL) delivers greater ROI than existing inspection technologies by combining high-resolution rail imaging with 3D scanning and automating the inspection process. Key features of the LRAIL include:

-Daytime and night-time operation
-Simultaneous 3D scanning and 2D imaging
-Geometry measurement (gauge, alignment, crossfall)
-Wooden tie rating (location, skew angle, cracking and splits)
-Concrete tie rating (location, skew angle, cracking, chipping))
-Clip inspection (location, type, miss-alignment, missing, covered)
-Spike inspection (location, height)
-Ballast inspection (too little, too much, fouling)
-Rail surface damage (chips, cracks)
-Joint detection and gap measurement
-Joint bar bolt count

Infrarail Product Categories

  • Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Inspection Vehicles
  • Laser Systems/Equipment
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Profile Measuring Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Test and Monitoring Equipment
  • Track Recording/Monitoring Systems

Contact Details

150 Boul. René-Lévesque Est. , Suite 1820
Québec City
G1R 5B1

Tel: +1 519 342 6305

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